What to expect during a private Pilates session?

Every BODY is unique and works in their own way; from walking, talking, stretching and playing. This means that a one size fits all approach to fitness will not work for everyone and needs to be custom tailored to each individual so you can get the most out of each session. Our one-on-one session will be with one of our skilled instructors. Each of our instructors have completed a full comprehensive certification with over 450 hours of training before working with clients. This ensures that we can work with you and your specific needs, and will meet you exactly where you are in your body. You will not be push you past your limits and force you to do endless reps, painful exercises, or be brought to fatigue. You will feel your muscles working in your arms, legs and core, to tone your whole body in a non-invasive way that is low impact and very effective.

private pilates sessions

You will work on every piece of Pilates apparatus (including Reformer, chair, barrels and Cadillac). Pilates is designed to make you perform better and feel better. Private Pilates training allows your instructor to focus solely on you and your needs. Every session is planned around how the client is feeling that day and often the plan is switched up mid-session.

Our Pilates teachers

Having a fully trained teacher means you will never get bored because your teacher understands the full method and will be able to apply the method to your specific needs. Another benefit to training privately is you get a chance to talk to your Pilates instructor. You can let them know if something hurts or does not feel right. You can also tell them if a move is too easy and you need more resistance. Your instructor can make the changes on the apparatus for you in the beginning so you do not have to worry about learning how to work the apparatus right away. Instead, all you have to do is focus on your form and breathing. You will build a very close bond to your instructor, and when you find the right one it’s truly like a sisterhood.

How often should I come to Pilates?

This all depends on you and your goals. One time a week = injury prevention. Two times a week = Strength & Flexibility. Three times a week = Full Body Transformation.
Many clients do both one -on-one training and small group classes. We have a saying in the studio. We learn in our privates and we practice in our classes!

What will I feel?

You may feel sore after a session, especially at the beginning and that is okay. You are moving your body in new ways and it will take some time to get used to it.

What will Pilates do for YOU?

Pilates is a full body workout. The benefits of Pilates are where the real payoff is. You will tone your whole body, increase energy, increase range of motion and flexibility, reduces achy backs, builds strength in the core to reduce tension, improve balance and joint health. Suffer from chronic pain or chronic disease? No problem! Pilates will help you manage your symptoms.

private pilates sessions

Pilates is efficient and personalized, so you will begin to see results immediately.

Who will benefit from Pilates?

Great for new mothers regaining strength after having a baby; mothers who need increased energy chasing kids-young and teens; golfers; grandparents settling into retirement…. If you’re looking to improve your body, are recovering from an injury or have chronic pain, Pilates is for you! The philosophy at Mindful Movement Pilates Studio is hands on, eyes on.

Pilates History

Girl doing exercising on the reformer during a private pilates session

Pilates was created by Joseph H. Pilates over 80 years ago and was called, Contrology. Today, we recognize the method by the name, Pilates. Mr. Pilates began to develop his work to help soldiers recover from injuries sustained during war. The first apparatus created was from the hospital bed springs and was named, the bednasium. It evolved into the Cadillac as we now know it. As Mr. Pilates developed his method, more apparatus was created, including the famous reformer. While the modern Reformer looks different than the original with claw foot legs, the same principles apply.

If you’re looking for a skilled teacher to take you through the work, Mindful Movement Pilates Studio is your absolute best choice for your Pilates needs. Kylene, the studio owner and teacher, hand picks each certified Pilates instructors. Everyone at the studio loves their job and they all wholeheartedly agree how transformative Pilates can be. Kylene, the owner and lead instructor, understands the needs of her clients because when she was in her 20’s, doctors wanted her to have back surgery for the pain she was experiencing from degenerative disc disease. She began a holistic approach to her pain through Pilates and with the relief she had from Pilates, she started her journey to helping others. Pilates saved her from having surgery. Kylene is listed as one of the top ten instructors in Dallas to work with. No matter what your fitness background or goals, Mindful Movement Pilates Studio studio will support you in achieving the happiness that comes along with a strong body and a healthy lifestyle.

Private Pilates at Mindful Movement Pilates Studio in Dallas

This is a great time to make Pilates a regular part of your life!

Private Pilates training is the Signature Service at Mindful Movement Pilates Studio and is the best way to maximize your results. Our studio is conveniently located in uptown Dallas near Turtle Creek and Highland Park areas. Whether you need to fit in a private Pilates session into a busy work or life schedule, we make it easy for you to book an appointment and most importantly start seeing results in your body. Our instructors will create specific programming for your personal goals and needs.

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