Not your typical Pilates studio

Our Pilates studio is anything but the typical Pilates studio based in Uptown Dallas. Our purpose is to help clients re-calibrate their confidence, self worth, mental clarity, doubt and overall dissatisfaction in their bodies and lives. Research now proves what experts already knew: If you want to change your life, the place to start isn’t your mind but in your body. Our instructors set our clients up for achieving the impossible, that in itself changes your story and changing your story changes the relationship with the world.

Our unique Pilates studio model is set up for private, duet and small group (max 3 people) lessons. We believe this fosters an environment for results. We are a fully equipped Balanced Body Studio. We have top of the line equipment and only work with fully certified intuitive instructors.

Your Pilates session will be customized for your body, it’s as unique as your own fingerprint. Every session is all about you, it’s designed thoughtfully for results and your goals. Imagine, if you were confident, happy, and believed in yourself, it would be pretty amazing right? We invite you to experience how we can help you meet your untapped potential with Pilates.